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Why pay for a costly gym membership when Net World Sports can provide a huge variety of top of the range fitness equipment?! Whether you’re training as part of a sports club, sports team or developing your own fitness goals, we have the best fitness equipment on offer. For a great home workout, check out our FORZA Speed & Agility Training Ladder, or increase your heart rate at football training or basketball practice with our FORZA Resistance Speed Chute! At our affordable prices, our fitness equipment is sure to leave you breathless!

Our FORZA training bibs are a great addition to your training sessions as you can add a pop of colour and bring a fun element to group workouts and coaching sessions, making them especially great for teaching kids. Our training vests are made from quick drying fabric which is perfect for multiple training sessions a week. So even if the weather is against you, your bibs can be dried in ultra-fast time, ready for your next training session or match. These bibs are a must-have for playing in low light conditions, thanks to their ultra high visibility quality.

Accompany your sports training bibs with a training bib carry bag to keep your training vests organised. It makes for easy transportation while keeping your bibs safe and clean. The bag is lightweight and perfect for training sessions and taking to matchdays. Carry your training vests from the changing rooms to the training pitch in comfort and ease.

Organise your fitness drills with our FORZA Multi-coloured Marker Cones! These flat disk cones come in a mix of highly visible colours which is perfect for clear markings or when you’re training in low lighting. Our space marking cones come with a stand included to make storage and transportation simple. The strong and heavy material of these cones means you can put them in their place without fear of them blowing away in light winds. Our training cones are available in packs of 50 or 1000 making them a great purchase for coaching large sports organisations.

Get your blood pumping with our amazing FORZA Speed Training Hurdles! They can improve jumping technique and help you to get fast feet ready for football season. Our hurdles are constructed from shatterproof plastic and available in three different heights, so they can be used for a range of ages and abilities. Your workouts don’t need to stop in the winter months thanks to the hurdles fluorescent yellow colouring, which results in extra high visibility. Now you can work out all year round!

Our hurdle carry bag is the perfect partner to our FORZA fitness hurdles, which can carry twelve of your strong and sturdy hurdles. Carry your fitness equipment in style, whilst keeping your training clean and safe, ready to use time and time again.

Rehydrate after an intense workout with our durable Sports Drink Water Bottle. The slim and lightweight design is perfect for keeping on the side of the pitch during a sports match, or for keeping close by during a fitness drill. Our drinks bottle proudly displays our sleek Net World Sports logo in a crisp white down the side. Accompany your teams water bottles with our foldable bottle carrier, which can carry up to 10 bottles at once, perfect for the whole sports team! It folds down for easy storage and thanks to its lightweight quality, it’s easy to carry water bottles to and from match days or fitness training sessions.

Work up a sweat with the help of our Speed & Agility Training Ladder! It’s designed to improve speed and stamina while improving your fitness levels. The adjustable rungs on the agility ladder mean you can change the size of the gaps to suit different exercises and different age groups. Step up your speed and agility drills with the help of this 3m ladder, and for a more intense workout you can join two ladders together to create a 6m path towards achieving your fitness target!

Nothing can hold back your training drills with this amazing FORZA resistance speed chute! The waist belt is adjustable, so you can tailor the chute to fit to all body sizes, which is perfect for sports clubs who have a mix of sizes and ages! Our speed chute comes with a handy drawstring bag which enables you to transport your chute safely and efficiently. Add this perfect addition to your sprint work outs to increase your fitness levels!

If you like to work out with a partner, our Evasion Training Agility Belt is perfect for you! Attach one end of the training belt to yourself, the other end to your workout buddy, and let the work out begin! Feel your heart pound as you improve your speed, agility and reaction time. This agility belt is a great training tool for sports clubs and coaching sessions.

Our Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles are an essential for any training program. Skirt round each pole to get fast feet and improve stamina. Our slalom training poles are available in packs of 8 or 16 depending on how intense you want your fitness work out to be. Each pole has a steel spike to secure it into the grass, ensuring it won’t be taken down easily! The spring loaded feature means the poles remain stable and firmly where you want them. These slalom poles are ideal for avoiding tackles from opposing rugby teams, or for football players wanting to step up their dribbling skills.

Keep your spring loaded slalom poles safe and clean in their own slalom pole training bag. It hold up to sixteen slalom poles to make carrying your training poles comfortable and easy. The strong handle of the bag allows for ease of movement to reduce causing yourself strain. The Velcro top ensures your slalom poles stay secure in their convenient carry bag.

Whether you’re looking to tailor your workout to improve cardio or focus on strength training, Net World Sports has the fitness equipment for you! From training cones to fitness hurdles, you can take your speed and agility training to the next level with the help of our fitness equipment. Find everything you need here at Net World Sports!

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